Decentralife Token

Welcome to Decentralife. Certificate of Deposit on the Blockchain.

We are a token based on the success of the HEX token that adds the features of Burning through a percentage of each transfer of the token. Our token is only created through the transform and staking process. The OA address will be used for a treasury (for voting) and also a liquidity mine (rewards) which will enhance the use of the token overtime. We believe that having the ability to own our own bank without a totalitarian running it is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves as a community. The liquidity mine will have an owner but will transition its ownership to the treasury once a proper contract is deployed to facilitate this securely.

What’s the point of joining?

Having the ability to decide what we do as a community during critical periods of time such as the required BPD event that spreads the unclaimed tokens to all of the users. The claim has been disabled, resulting in higher output of tokens. This will cause some skepticism, although as a community we will build enough liquidity to combat the issue of having too much sell pressure to cause the price to go to 0, and as a last resort we can vote on if we will reduce the overall output of the BPD by having the OA stake to the contract in order to combat an overpayment to users. I say why not?

Overall output of rewards…

The liquidity pool will release rewards at a variable rate that is no less than 100% and no more than 400% of rewards generated to users for staking in the DEF-ETH LP tokens Liquidity mine. As well, We expect an average of 5% returns initially from staking in the normal staking contract ranging upwards to 40%, as well as the price of a share (T-share) increasing for every stake that has ended causing overall returns to increase for as long as you hold T-Shares generated from staking to the token contract as we would normally.

Governance included.

With the Treasury, we will send a portion of the OA address’s tokens (decided through community) to the treasury address and liquidity mining rewards address to dispense amongst users and to use as a voting tool to give devs what the voters think is necessary to allow the system to continue operating (if that’s what they decide). We want all voters to have an opportunity to vote, but we also don’t want to have newcomers vote repeatedly, so we will ensure that we will have proper facilities in place for these actions, when the time comes (Q3).


Once the contract is deployed, the countdown will begin to the launch date of the transform lobby, where you can deposit ETH and mint DEF token to stake, and to be included on the early adopter class of Stakers that will be incentivized with a bonus NFT that will be used to grant rewards in the liquidity mining pool and grant you access to private areas (TBD) in the discord and granted high status on other systems when we have deployed them.

Thank you for reading and We will see you soon.

Prototype (Kovan):







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